Our Approach

We Will Put Your Business First

We take a hands-on, active management responsibility of your company; with us, you have the benefit of knowing we are “all-in” on your business.

We will be your single point of contact throughout

Our founding Director, Jay, will be the decision maker and primary point of contact throughout the entire process and post-transaction. We conduct the majority of due diligence ourselves, which means we can be pragmatic and sensitive in getting the key questions answered; we deliberately limit the involvement of third-party advisors to the required minimum.

We will be upfront with you on Valuation

We will work with you to ascertain a fair price for your company and will always be upfront and disciplined about our valuation. We do not provide inflated upfront valuations only to be followed by ‘price-chipping’ during due diligence. Likewise, as long-term investors, we do not justify higher valuations with cost cutting, financial engineering, or other short-term strategies that detract your company from realising its full potential.

We will be in it for the long run

Our fund doesn’t have a predetermined investment horizon. We don’t flip companies and we don’t attempt to time economic cycles. Everything we do is with a long-term mind set, nurturing the business for the future as you have nurtured it in the past

We will be flexible on Terms and Deal structure

Whether you want to cash out and retire, or stay involved in the future growth of your business, we can adapt the deal terms to reflect your requirements. Our unique structure puts in the fortunate enough position of sometimes being able to bridge price expectations through creative deal structures which others simply can’t feasibly replicate.

Key Differentiators

We are not building a diversified portfolio. Rather, we devote all of our effort to businesses in our specifically chosen niches (see criteria). We are committed to the long-term, independent success of our companies. The table below summarises some of our key differences when compared to trade or private equity buyers:

LeelaCapitalOur Approach